What Do We Do

We provide preminent yachts for your pleasure, assure luxury and extravagant relaxing for clients while we take care of every requisite task. Your glee guaranteed as you cruise through the silky waters of Maldives.


Our Mission is to set the Seal on Maximum Enjoyment and Speriority time on the yaucht for our clients, while we make sure ongoing process do not upshot any obstacles. Our aim is to put forward a seamless service to guests visiting the maldive islands, from the very initial stage of planning to yacht’s stay through the final departure.


Maldives, a beguiling array of islands randomly scattered in the Indian Ocean making apace to the highest rated popular luxury destinations, these islands with no doubt has the silkiest waters to cruise across in one of those dream vessels.Ravishing sights of Maldives, the sleek turquoise waters and navy blue oceans. Journey through a heaven of sunny rays, serenity and clear waters holding unique underwater elegance.


We are one of the leading providers for concierge and marine agency services to the super yacht industry in the Maldives. From the vessel’s first entry point to Maldives, yachts cruising throughout the Maldives receive the highest quality maritime agency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



We have been in Maldives for over a year and have had some bad experiences with unscrupulous agents. Thankfully we found a new agency SHIP CARE MALDIVES, owned and run by Afrah who has been exceptional. He is honest and his prices are reasonable, and there are no...
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In March 2017 we will have been in Maldives 2 years. We have paid many "school fees" by dealing with the wrong people, simply because its impossible to tell real experts from the wannabe experts. With hindsight the key to cruising Maldives is to select the right agent...
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Franco feelsogood

We sailed Maldives for one month now, found the places lovely in this period with mostly sun and light Wind, perfect for our guests Christmas holiday, most of time in felidhee atoll where you can easily find desert Islands with good shallow sandy anchorages. we...
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We used Ship Care as agent in Male for entry and exit. one of the owner Afrah is a good man and even elected as some official but still spent time to meet us. The operation is by his colleague. The agency fee and the charges had been raised a bit comparing to the...
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Shipcare Maldives Pvt Ltd

H. Hoagulhaamanzil, 4th Kaani Goalhi, 20033, Male’, Maldives

Mobile: + 960 98885511 (24H)


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Our Values

  • Self commitment and responsabilty
  • History in crew selection
  • International standards of quality managment
  • Proced res applied in the proper manner
  • Capabilty, perseverance and mutual trust
  • Acting as manning agent for reputable companies
  • Respect for seafarers and for their work
  • Elevate method of recruitment