In March 2017 we will have been in Maldives 2 years. We have paid many “school fees” by dealing with the wrong people, simply because its impossible to tell real experts from the wannabe experts. With hindsight the key to cruising Maldives is to select the right agent in the first place. That in itself is no easy task, because whilst they are trying to get your business, all agents promise the world. Once you have the right agent then life gets easier, because he will put you onto the right suppliers and give you the short cuts. Unfortunately once we signed up with our selected agent the reality was a nightmare. The main issue was that one cannot terminate or change agents without a letter of no objection FROM THE AGENT HIMSELF. This left us in a catch 22 situation, and we paid dearly for that letter, allowing us to change agents. After 2 false starts with the wrong agents, we found SHIP CARE MALDIVES, a fairly new agency run by Afrah and Hanoon. ( After 3 months I was confident enough in their service levels to post a reference on noonsite. It has now been 6 months and I have been impressed that they have maintained, if not improved their service levels. Afrah and Hanoon are fluent in English and have a very good idea of what servicing a client really means. No task is too much trouble and they have gone the extra mile for me numerous times. Please feel free to mail me if you need any info.