Why Choose Maldives

Maldives, a beguiling array of islands randomly scattered in the Indian Ocean making apace to the highest rated popular luxury destinations, these islands with no doubt has the silkiest waters to cruise across in one of those dream vessels. Maldives yacht cruises take place in the northern hemisphere’s winter, the same time as the Caribbean, and proves to be a very interesting and exotic alternative to this traditional location.

The Maldives provisions luxury holiday makers with a wonderful climate, superb beaches which at times are referred as best in the world, and amazing caves, lagoons and smooth waves for the perfect yacht cruise. The archipelago consists of 1,190 coral islands. Accordingly, the seascape and the exquisite environments of natural beauty makes up for the abundance of recreational activities and adventures. What would be more tranquil and peaceful than exploring this paradise on-board in a luxury yacht?

The 26 atolls that makes up Maldives are completely natural formations. This stretch across the equatorial band in a rainbow is a luxurious jade green tropical vegetation and pristine soft white sands. Experience all of the shades of aqua and turquoise while cruising away, leaving all your worries and stress behind as you cherish the moments and the view from a floating cruise on the sleek waters of the Maldivian sea. Encounter the beauty of golden sunsets and sunrises from the waters edge, as the rays fade into shades of pink and purple coloring the whole sky with a uniqueness every single day.

Any individual fascinated by nature, tropical weather, marine life and diving would feel like heaven in the maldivian periphery. The country known to host amazingly unique underwater life and ecology featuring a world of dazzling coral gardens and ocean life. The remote and unspoiled archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean where the year-round tropical climate ensures you a majestic experience.