We sailed Maldives for one month now, found the places lovely in this period with mostly sun and light Wind, perfect for our guests Christmas holiday, most of time in felidhee atoll where you can easily find desert Islands with good shallow sandy anchorages.
we suggest mainly 2 island: bodumohoraa(southern felidhe atoll) with a nice lagoon on its west side where anchor in 6/8mt depth, and Vashugiri(north west of felhide atoll)all the area here is mainly sand WNW of the island a good anchorage just 40nm from Malè.
All the paperworks been manage by shipcaremaldives agents, Afrah and Hanoon have been very nice helping us sorting out everything we needed, included provisioning and refueling from our arrive until our departure.
They managed everything in a great familiar as professional way to makes you forget about all burocratics and organizing nightmares you can find traveling around the world.
You can contact them at: info@shipcaremaldives.com
We are now sailing back to Seychelles where you can really experience what a burocracy nightmare is.